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EaR Mindset Coaching Webinar

We all need certain basics in life, like food, water, and air, to survive. Next, we need shelter and security. Once these basic issues are met, we start thinking of growth avenues to enhance our quality of life, like education, healthcare, and quality of life. We look for avenues of development and growth and are motivated to find ways to thrive and be resilient in the face of adversity.
We, humans, are unique beings. Therefore, we need unique resources to put our best foot forward and grow in spite of daily challenges. EaR gives us scope to do that.
EaR (Emotional Ability Resources) is based on the 4th wave of psychology, namely, Positive Psychology. It is visualised as a practical skill-based approach to enhance the innate emotional intelligence that each of us is born with. Simple tools of psycho-spiritual growth like prayers, journaling, character strengths, effective communication, affirmations, good sleep, nutrition, and regular exercise can be scientifically included in one’s life to reap the individual benefits and achieve a healthy and strong mind.

In a nutshell, it teaches participants an effective way to look after their emotional well being. Just as daily brushing and bathing are recommended to maintain our physical hygiene, daily mindful use of EaR helps us maintain our mental balance.

The formula is simple: “Have an issue? Give EaR to it.”

All The proceeds from this webinar and course will go towards Providing food for underprivileged children in rural Bengal, through Knognat Foundation.